About us

BITS bv is owned by William Lagerberg and operated on Bonaire by Marc Kooij. William also owns the companies Elcatronics, Elcanet 

bits bytes

Netherlands BV and Elcanet Bonaire.

William already operates his business for over25 years in The Netherlands and in 2006 he fell in love on the island of Bonaire. He dessited to start a Bonaire business with Elcanet and April 2010 Gijs and Hanny (former owners of BITS) contacted William and talked about a sale for BITS because Gijs and Hanny where to busy with other projecgts and companies on Bonaire and Holland

Marc Kooij already operated Elcanet Bonaire for William and he is the main contact on Bonaire for BITS clients & prospects. Marc has over 20 years of experience in the IT business.

When needed, any number of specialists can be added to this team, for example for e-commerce websites, databases or CMS-systems.