Windows 9 in November? Don't believe it

The mighty Wzor is whiffing it lately, so I don't buy this latest report.

With Windows 8 being pretty much abandoned, interest is now shifting to Windows 9 and any rumors about it will be sucked up as quickly as an iPhone 6 rumor. The latest, though, is just a little hard to swallow.
International Business Times recently ran a story based on the Russian leaker Wzor's postings that Windows 9 will not ship in Q2 of next year, as promised, but in the fall of this year, around October. But I'm not buying it because lately, Wzor has been blowing it big time.
Wzor made the prediction in January of this year in a tweet, where the group said "hey men ~ Win 9 released in April 2015? No! No! No! ..WIN RTM-0 RELEASED SIGN-OFF DEALINE IN 21 OCTOBER 2014 :)"
Since then, Wzor has whiffed repeatedly. In February, they predicted a Developer Preview build might appear on February 15. Guess who wrote about it? Yes, I feel a little foolish now, but at the time I believed in Wzor. Anyway, they went on to predict a May public beta, RC at the end of August, and sign-off from October-November.
So where's my beta?
On June 26, another prediction: "Windows 8.1 Update 2 will be announced during Microsoft WPC 2014 July 13-17 Win 9 beta will be probably presented same time."
Way to go, Nostradamus.
Paul Thurott, whom I do trust, has pegged Windows 9 at April 2015. For now I'll believe that to be the case.
There are potential flies in the ointment with this. First, Microsoft could be feeding misinformation to ferret out leakers. Since the capture of the leaker in the Lebanon office, Microsoft has reportedly gotten much stricter in controlling information and builds. The company is reportedly using different tricks to catch people who leak builds.
Second, Microsoft might be changing its schedule just to discredit Wzor. But that would be a bit of a stretch. They may not like leaks, but I don't think Microsoft would alter their plans just to screw with some Russian leakers. Steve Jobs might do it, but not Satya Nadella.
Third, we have to consider the possibility that they truly are far along and Wzor is actually on to something. Here's why I say that: Microsoft knows all about the Osborne Effect and if they announce Windows 9, sales of PCs will just stop dead. They fibbed about the release date of Windows 7 by several months for this reason, and right now Microsoft does not want PC sales to stall. It's desperately trying to get people off Windows XP.
Still, even if they announced a Windows 9 beta tomorrow, it would not be ready for Christmas, and I wouldn't touch an OS with five months of beta testing. So I don't believe for a minute we will see Windows 9 this year, beyond a Developer Preview or beta.
For now, I'll keep listening to Wzor. They haven't sunk to DigiTimes-levels of untrustworthiness yet and redemption is always possible. But I don't pounce on their every word anymore, either.